49 Super Cute And Creative Cornrow Hairstyles Ideas You Can Try Today

Super cute and creative cornrow hairstyles ideas you can try today 40 Super cute and creative cornrow hairstyles ideas you can try today 40

A popular and very fashionable hairstyle for women these days, is cornrows. This makes hair practical as well as stylish, as it helps to keep longer hair out of the way. This makes it perfect for working out and wearing hats. It may take a little time to learn how to make cornrows.

However, with some patience and practice, one can learn the process. Here are some tips to consider.

Deciding on What You Want

Before you start, it is a good idea to know exactly what your hair will look like. You can write a plan down or you may wish to look online or through publications to get ideas. These things will help you formulate the best plan for your new hairstyle.

Water and the Hair

Make sure that your hair is damp, but it should not be completely saturated. One good method is to simply use a spray bottle. It may be a good idea to mix some detangling product with the water. This will help to relax the hair, and you may not have to pull so hard on it. Another method is to mix some hair conditioner with the water.

Hair Parts

Select some hair to begin and part it from the rest. It may be a good idea to move hair around it, out of your way. Some people use a pigtail for hair that is not being used.

Braiding and Separating

The hair that you select needs to be formed into there strands. Braid these strands twice and this should make two stitches. While grasping the outer two strands, add more hair to the strand in the middle. You should now have three strands to continue working with.

This part of the process is vital, as it keeps braids close to the scalp. Continue braiding and do not forget to add extra hair to the middle strand. Do this until you finish the braid.

Securing the Braid

When you finish each braid, you will need to secure it. If not, it will simply unravel. There are many good products like clips and beads that will work fine. Refrain from using rubber bands, unless they are made for hair. Normal rubber bands may be too tight and they may damage hair.


Braiding hair into cornrows is not too difficult. It may take a little time and patience to get used to it. The hair must be damp but not soaked. Part out a section of hair to braid. Form it into three strands. Braid the strands twice and then add additional hair to the center strand. This keeps your braids close to your head. Secure each braid with a good hair product and not normal rubber bands.


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