36 Cute And Cool High Heel Shoes You Love To Wear

Cute and cool high heel shoes you love to wear 32 Cute and cool high heel shoes you love to wear 32

High heel shoes have become very popular in the market. You can find various footwear brands manufacturing high heels of various sizes. Some of the popular designer footwear brands manufacturing high heels include Charles David, Frye, Mercy 13 and many more.

Every woman wants to stock at least a pair of high heels in her closet. These shoes are basically slim and sleek and provides a sensuous look. They raise the heel of the foot of the wearer higher than the toes giving an aesthetic illusion of more slender, longer and toned legs.

These shoes are available in a variety of styles with different shaped heels, which include pumps, stilettos, wedges, tapered, block and blade.

The high heel shoes when worn gives the woman an appealing and stylish look. The entire definition of fashion and style changes when a woman wears these shoes and walks around the streets or at the parties. They become the centre of attraction. The height of the heel generally varies from 4 inches to 8 inches. However, some heels even exceed this limit.

The high heels came into fashion in 1950s. At that time they were sturdier and did not provide high comfort to the feet. The shoes were designed in a way so that the wearer did not fall down or loose control while walking. Between the 15th and 17th century, these shoes were considered to be a symbol of higher strata.

With passage of time, these shoes are somewhat less of a social status symbol. Today, they have become more easily available in the market.

Stiletto heel shoes are the most popular high heel shoes among fashion conscious women in the market. These shoes come in different patterns and designs. From boots to sling backs to ankle high, there are varying style heeled shoes available.

Although it is true that sandals have always been the most comfortable footwear but these heel shoes are not out from the list of the comfortable footwear. Apart from being comfortable, they are stylish, fashionable and chic shoes. They are not only used for office wears but can also be used as casual wears. Just imagine being dressed up in a black designer gown with a stiletto heel shoe!

If you attend a party by wearing this outfit, you would surely attract many people’s attention. Apart from the gown, you can even team these shoes with skirts and dresses. Depending on the occasion, you need to team up your high heel footwear with your matching dress and jewellery.

Choosing the right colour stiletto heel shoe is very important. There are plenty of colours for you to choose from. However, silver and black solour stilettos are the most popular. Some stilettos even come up with embellishments.

When wearing these high heel shoes, women always need to remain careful while walking. Women must held their head high and walk slowly and steadily when wearing these heels. If not walked in a proper manner, the heel might affect your posture as well as your feet health.


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