Amazing Wool Sweater Dresses Ideas You Should Try for This Winter

Winter wool sweater dress 38 Winter wool sweater dress 38

Poise and elegance is symbolic of every woman. Winter styles add more meaning to daily lives with fashion providing more variety each year. The seasons clothing is not restricted to jackets and shrugs but extends to head gear, boots, accessories. Much is left to explore in cosmetic areas of hair and skin. A complete look is essential to chase the winter blues, if any.

The look of the season is come-back fashion of yesteryears and a combination of modern yet regal looks. Fiery reds, forest greens and browns, rust tinted orange or typical greys the winter collection changes each year. Peacoats, capes and knee length coat dictate this year’s trend.

Aggressive trends can be adopted in plaid designed overcoats with a long muffler hanging loose, Ponchos for the casual wear, Jackets for the tough look and feminine designs in cashmere and cardigans. Scarf tying is an art and a stole can grace a garb. Necklines have plenty of designs be it V necks, polos, open collars and lace collars.

Comfort is essential with breathe-easy inner lining/layers. Body stretch materials are feminine. Zipper T shirts in wool patterns give the perfect look. Caps are stylized e.g. Isle Hat, tassels in the end, braided designs, ear flaps, poppy hats and camel hair hats.

The idea is to complete the look without compromising on the comfort. Pockets are regular details with inner layers in silk or woolen fabrics. Fancy gloves are necessary and well designed to accentuate feminine fingers.

Knitwear stays forever in fashion. This year saw a lot of leggings and short mini skirts in leather teamed with voluminous long jackets. For aviation experts the design should be wind resistant and light weight too. Visitors to polar expeditions need to have polar boots offering strong, steady grip, water resistant gear for melting snow or unexpected blizzards. Goggles and Head gear are necessary accessories.


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